Odd VM & VAC issue

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Odd VM & VAC issue

Postby jesuisBuzz » Tue Mar 20, 2018 8:14 pm

I have used Voicemeeter and helped setup VM on a few different systems, usually with success. Sometimes however, I encounter an oddity I haven't found a solution to. This is one of those times.

Lately I've been following this guide:

which means I setup:
HWInput1: Røde Mic (USB Mic)
HWInput2: VAC - Cable Input (Voiceover)
HWInput3: Occasional extra feed
HWOutA1: Realtek HDA (Headset)
Discord Output: VAC - Cable Input

But sometimes like on this new system:
The Input options where I usually put Cable Input in HWInput2 only gives me Cable Output as an option. While the HWOutA1-3 only have Input as an option. The issue is that my other applications(Discord, OBS among others) only show Cable Input as options for Output Devices.

Expected setup:
HWInput1: Røde Mic (USB Mic)
HWInput2: VAC - Cable Input (Voiceover)
HWInput3: Occasional extra feed
HWOutA1: Realtek HDA (Headset) [can choose Cable Output]
Discord Output: VAC - Cable Input

Actual setup:
HWInput1: Røde Mic (USB Mic)
HWInput2: VAC - Cable Output (Voiceover)
HWInput3: Occasional extra feed
HWOutA1: Realtek HDA (Headset) [can choose Cable Input]
Discord Output: VAC - Cable Input

Why or what have I done to have this happen on a fresh install, and it's not the first time?


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Re: Odd VM & VAC issue

Postby Gwydion » Thu Mar 22, 2018 10:04 pm

I'm sure Vincent will be along to respond, but thought I'd jump in to see if I can help. The HW inputs (1, 2 and 3) always take as their input an output from something else. Either a hardware output like your microphone plugged into your computer through a usb port or a virtual output from a virtual audio cable. So, whenever you click on the hardware input dropdown, you should always see a list of outputs to connect (microphone, cable output, cable A output, etc.) and not inputs. I watched the video you linked myself several months ago along with many others. I never felt like there was one that explained it great for me so I made my own. I'm sure it isn't perfect, but maybe it will help you. I've linked at the end of this email in case you want to watch it.

Also, if you watch the video you referenced closely, at about the 4:06 mark or so you will see in HWinput 2 where the "selected input device" changes to Cable Output. He just doesn't show you that he connected it, it just appears.

As it relates to your question about HWOut A1, the HW outs should always show inputs to connect. So, your "actual setup" is exactly what I would expect. If you look at the video you posted at 3:29 when he clicks on "A1", you will see that in his dropdown list he has Cable input as an option and not Cable output. I think the confusion is that he does have "realtek digital output" as an option. That is super confusing! However, technically realtek digital output is a playback device. If you open your windows sound playback/recording devices, you should see that all of the virtual audio cable inputs should be in the "playback" tab and all the cable outputs should be in the "recording tab". Basically, an audio input accepts a signal from another audio device an and audio output sends a signal. So, although realtek digital outputs "appears" to be an output/recording device it is technically a playback device in windows that will connect to another output device (ie. home theater).

I hope I didn't confuse the issue more but bottom line your "actual" setup is exactly what I would expect and I think it is consistent with the video you linked to in your original post.

My video in case it helps:


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