Dynamic matching of input SR (and another related question)

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Dynamic matching of input SR (and another related question)

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Hello :)

Amazing piece of software.

I use it like this:
https://community.roonlabs.com/t/howto- ... oo-8/41949

Is there a way to automatically match (best effort) the Sample Rate of Input VAIO?

Also - if Input VAIO and A1 are matched in SR (even manually today), is there any processing done to the signal (SR related or otherwise)?
I understand it might depend on conditions - I basically want to know in the second question if VoiceMeeter BANANA can be transparent to SQ (i.e. not "touching" the signal path) in some conditions. I use WDM Exclusive mode in both the player and A1 settings (to bypass the "OS Mixer" for same reasons) and set all levels to 0db.
Vincent Burel
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Re: Dynamic matching of input SR (and another related question)

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thanks for your message, and your article in roonlabs.

VAIO internal SR is a system parameter that can be changed only by related VBCABLEControlPanel (delivered with Voicemeeter) and requries a REBOOT. But the new generation of VAIO could change this constraint (we are working on with Voicemeeter potato).

Of course, there is an SRC process (Sample Rate Conversion) if the source samplerate is not fitting the VAIO internal SR and also if the internal SR is not fitting the Voicemeeter Main stream SR. Voicemeeter can be transparent if all SR are the same from the source to the main stream (SR given by output A1 Device).
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