Information on internal processing in regard to SQ

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Information on internal processing in regard to SQ

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Hello :)

I was really happy to find this awesome software, I use it like this: ... oo-8/41949

Several audio applications provide data on implementation and educate on it's importance to preserving sound quality (a.k.a transparency).

Things like Sample Rate Conversion (or avoidance of), digital volume implementation to preserve resolution(64bit floating point) etc...

Is there information about VoiceMeeter Banana in this regard?
Basically what I want to know, in light of how I plan to use it (described in the link above), is if VoiceMeeter BANANA has a better, preferably transparent, signal path handling (SQ-Wise) compared to the Windows "OS Mixer"*.

*Considering using WDM Exclusive Mode on both Player-->VAIO and A1-->Audio Device (to bypass the OS Mixer), setting all parameters to 0db and matching the Sample Rate of the played content, the player and A1.
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