Voicemeeter Bananan Makes my mic not to work anymore.

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Voicemeeter Bananan Makes my mic not to work anymore.

Postby didriking » Sun Jul 08, 2018 10:20 am

I downloaded Bannan and then I probably did something wrong and now my mic barley work. If i boost it to the top i can hear myself a litle bit and a LOT of buzzing. I then uninstalled it but nothing changed. I have taken away all setting and nothing else work. My other mic works just fine but my Main mic dont work anymore. Anyone know. The support could'nt help me i guess no answears from those guys :(

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Re: Voicemeeter Bananan Makes my mic not to work anymore.

Postby brickviking » Sun Jul 08, 2018 11:46 pm

This doesn't sound like a VoiceMeeter problem, it sounds more like a hardware issue with the microphone wiring. It's either broken, or it's no longer earthed properly.

Try this: unplug the microphone, and plug it back into the same place. You'll also hear this strange buzzing if for some reason your physical wiring has become broken, and you can check this by gently flexing the cable around (especially near the plugs or up at the top end where it joins the microphone body) and seeing if that restores the sound quality. If it does, then you have to consider replacing the microphone, or at least the cable if you're good at soldering. The fact that another microphone also works doesn't always mean there's something wrong, were both microphones tested in the same connector?

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