Trouble re-installing Voicemeeter and VB-Cable

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Re: Trouble re-installing Voicemeeter and VB-Cable

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Thanks again for the tips and it feels good to know that I'm not alone here with this issue.
I really tried everything that was suggested here and in the wider internets and nothing really helped to work around the issue. I was already cleaning up and documenting my setup in preparation of a rebuild when an cumulative update from Microsoft was pushed out yesterday. Surprisingly (or not) that seemed to have solved the issue and I was able to reinstall Voicemeeter's and virtual audio cable's drivers.
Everything seems to be working now as expected, with the exception of the robotic voice I'm getting after having Voicemeeter in use for a while, which, by the way, was the original culprit of uninstalling it in the first place. Now I know that that is not the way to go...

Thanks again to brickviking for supporting me with this.

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