Forced to combine inputs into one, any way to separate?

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Forced to combine inputs into one, any way to separate?

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My issue is regarding Voicemeeter Banana and a Focusrite Scarlett Solo.

I use my Focusrite for two things - XLR Mic for discord and recording music, and a jack for guitar. My DAWs etc, differentiate between the two just fine, so having both plugged in isn't an issue. However inside Voicemeeter itself, I can only select ONE of the Scarlett Solo options from the drop down that registers any sort of input from my mic or guitar, again (KS Scarlett Solo USB).
It picks both signals up, XLR in the L and guitar input from the R of the L/R input split. If I solo the channel, it will combine the signals.

I cannot for the life of me, find an option or combination of settings to split the inputs 1 and 2 (to their own channels) so people on Discord and other recording apps don't hear the raw input from my guitar lead/guitar as if I'm using a mic. I need that second input on a second channel that I can mute in Voicemeeter, so my DAWs work okay without a mixed signal.

I'm almost certain it's do-able, when I first set all this up the two didn't interfere with each other and I had two different options for inputs for my Focusrite, allowing me to set Input 1 as my sole input for apps and stuff, leaving #2 free for DAWs without me having to unplug wires every 2 minutes!

TLDR; How to split two inputs on one audio interface into two channels? Is it possible to mute an L or R input through Voicemeeter Banana in any way?

ANY help on this would be hugely appreciated! Driving me nuts!
Thanks for reading! :mrgreen:
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