Feature request: Auto-restart on device (re-)connection

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Feature request: Auto-restart on device (re-)connection

Postby BOLL » Wed Dec 19, 2018 9:37 pm

The auto-restart is for when the engine acts up, but I have a different use case for it as well.

When using a Vive VR headset with their wireless adapter, it tunnels USB and as such connects the headset and the audio part of it every time it's used.
As it is now I have to manually go in and restart the audio engine in VM for it to pick up the devices again.

What I ask for is an auto-restart of the audio engine that can trigger on when an audio device connect/reconnect. I've wanted this before, for the random occasions where I happen to disconnect a device and then reconnect it again, but now it has become a more regular occurrence.

That's it :) I'll keep using VoiceMeeter regardless as I have been doing for years by now, I just think it could be a useful feature, although not sure how hard it is to listen to device events like that in Windows.

Vincent Burel
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Re: Feature request: Auto-restart on device (re-)connection

Postby Vincent Burel » Thu Dec 20, 2018 10:00 am

the auto restart audio engine is related to output A1 device only.

We think about applying this to all other connect devices, but we are still studying the possible bad impact on user having selected unplugged devices... maybe another Auto Restart Option could help... i note it again...

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Re: Feature request: Auto-restart on device (re-)connection

Postby tobitege » Mon Jan 07, 2019 3:23 pm

I'm using interchangeably a Logitech and a Bluetooth wireless headset and I always have to manually
restart VM manually. Currently I'm using the Voicemeeter buttons app to have a hotkey for that, but
if VM could detect that a new audio device is coming "online", I'd _love_ to have the option
for an automatic restart of the engine as well.
Thanks for consideration!

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Re: Feature request: Auto-restart on device (re-)connection

Postby BOLL » Sat Jan 19, 2019 5:57 pm

Didn't notice the replies, messed around with my notification settings now so hopefully I'll not miss future responses. We'll see :P

I had no idea the auto restart was only for A1, my memory tells me I did browse the manual, maybe I just missed it. In any case, I usually don't have the device that gets disconnected frequently at A1 as that should be the main device that decides output, or so my head tells me. So having an option for it reacting to all reconnects or some other device than A1 would indeed be really helpful, I think :) I'm repeating myself, but yeah... thanks for reading :lol:

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