how get a volume level display simular as default volume control

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Re: how get a volume level display simular as default volume control

Postby user4711 » Tue Jan 08, 2019 9:27 am

JBP wrote:"4711" is the name of a notorious perfume from Cologne only used by grandmothers (and their mothers!) nowadays.
During the 1950ies and 1960ies almost every old lady used this perfume in Germany.
So, still everybody in Germany knows the name "4711".
It is more or less a synonym for perfume.

So I thought that user4711 could be a German or someone that lives in Germany.
If you have never heard of 4711 perfume and choosed these numbers coincidentally, that would be funny.

So, have you known that "4711" is a notorious perfume, when you decided to be user4711 in this forum?

i look in wikipedia 4711 is also the housenumber of a parfum factory. they offer diffrent parfume under 4711 name(see link 4711 com). there can find a link. I use no parfume and of course no 4711. maybe i have in my child day much 4711 promotion see so i use because the forum name user was not available user4711 which i can remember easy :lol: :D and when search for user4711 there can many accounts find. this are not my accounts. so more get the number 4711 in mind ;)

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