Add audio delay/sync offset

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Add audio delay/sync offset

Postby PresidentJade » Sat Jan 19, 2019 11:25 pm

I would like to add a delay (sync offset - ms) to the Voicemeeter Output. Is there a way to do this? Maybe just increase the buffer size and hope that it adds latency?

Here is why:

I am using a service called to livestream via my webcam to Instagram Live. allows me to use Open Broadcast Software (OBS), but I have to use the OBS Virtual Cam plugin which does not carry audio, only video.

In I have selected my audio source as Voicemeeter VAIO output, which is the audio coming from my Voicemeeter Banana. The problem is that the audio from Voicemeeter arrives faster into compared to the video from OBS Virtual Camera, causing a sync issue.

Now, I realize that Voicemeeter is performing as it should (no latency) and that the problem in this case is the slowness of the OBS Virtual Cam. But, there are no other settings I can change to decrease the latency of the OBS Virtual Camera. That is why Im wondering if there is a way to increase the latency of the audio from Voicemeeter, or in other words, add an audio output delay so that everything will be in sync in my livestream?

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Re: Add audio delay/sync offset

Postby Vincent Burel » Sun Jan 20, 2019 11:15 am

in menu system settings dialgo box you will find a section called
"monitoring Synchro Delay" where you will able to define delay for each physical output BUS.

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