Voicemeter crackling & distortion

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Voicemeter crackling & distortion

Postby CrazyThunderbird » Sun Jan 27, 2019 6:10 pm

Hi there,

as the title says, i have serious crackling and distortion issues BUT only when i install an Virtual Cable too!

So long story short:
Only Voicemeter potato -> all is fine
Voicemeter + VB Cable (or Cable A / B) -> Distortion

The problem even exist whitout any of the Virtual Cables selected in Voicemeter!

Problem exists in MME, WDM and even KS.

Reinstalled it multiple times, KB4476976 doesn't helped either!

Only solution for me, atleast for now, is to let it uninstalled.

I rebooted EVERY time after uninstallation and Installation, i did even reboot after each uninstall or install from a single driver (reboothell, damn it :D)

UPDATE: Seems to be fixed, had to show "hidden devices" in the device-manager, and uninstall the rest manually, seems that's what caused the issue, now it runs fine again!

Anyways, maybe someone has a solution for when i start cantabile for the first time 99% of the time i have to START-STOP-START-STOP-START the cantabile engine to get rid of distortion when running it.

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