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post button on potato, need some one to explain it

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 12:38 am
by geekgarage
can some one explain the exact funtion of these and when you would use them? I guess it has something to do with pre- and post fader, like when it should affect the source, but I have a hard time understand when you would use one over the other. could some one explain a situation for each?

I've noticed with all my testing that it sounds like it is applying more effect when post is not enabled, i would guess this is because the effect is being applied before anything else like compression, gate and such?

Re: post button on potato, need some one to explain it

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 5:30 am
by s2h
so the Pre/Post button is exactly as it sounds
either it sends a pre fader signal out that send, or a post fader signal out that send

pre fader meaning that it goes out before any fader its a constant volume even when you move the fader volume... extremely useful for monitoring something while still adjusting the output to the main output(example being a vocal that goes to a guest, but you need to turn it up or down in the main feed,without changing it to the guest)

Post Fader, is affected by the fader volume
when you set a volume on the send knob, and then you turn up or down the main fader below it, the volume coming out of that send will change with the same ratio as the main fader
this is typically used when sending out to an Effects device.. such as reverb or delay
when you turn down the main volume, the effect send turns down wit it...
you wouldnt leave the reverb at full volume with the vocal turned off, you want the reverb to turn down with the vocal, so you use a "post fader send"