itunes+VM problem?

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itunes+VM problem?

Post by jack »

Hi, I'm new to Voicemeeter.

When I run itunes and voicemeeter at the same time, itunes does not play music - if I hit play, the counter does not change, it's not that It's playing and I can't hear it, itunes actually doesn't play, at all. If I exit VM then restart itunes, itunes is fine but it breaks again when I launch VM.

Is this a known issue? I have tried the latest versions of all 3 VoiceMeeters: (plain, banana, potato)

Itunes is

I have been successful in using VoiceMeeter (plain) to combine a mic and a soundboard - in the case of the soundboard, I was able to select that the soundboard output to Voicemeeter. In Itunes, it does not show my devices - instead I only see "Windows Audio Session" and "Direct Sound"

- Jack
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Re: itunes+VM problem?

Post by Vincent Burel »

if an application (like itunes, youtube etc...) is using the same audio playback device than Voicemeeter, this application could be stuck because Voicemeeter can take audio device in exclusive access...

So please, check your default playback device in your Windows Sound parameters and set Voicemeeter input as default playback device. see user manual step ZERO: ... Manual.pdf
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