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Connecting External Audio Interfaces

Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2019 12:05 pm
by JHale1966

I've tried searches and YouTube but unable to do the following:

I have an iConnectAudio2+ (connected via USB) and a Saffire Pro 40 (connected via firewire) to an Alienware m17 notebook running Windows 10. They play fine when I use them as sound sources for my programs and they show up in Voicemeeter Potato as hardware inputs. The problem is that when I add them into VMP, I don't get any sound coming thru it. I also have an iConnectMIDI4+ that I use with my iPad and the sound comes thru just fine on VMP and I can control the levels and everything.

What am I missing to get the the AUDIO2+ and Saffire output to go into VMP? I'm wanting to run everything into my Yamaha MG10XU for discord and while I have the devices connected to it and I can hear them that way, I'm really wanting them to go thru VMP FIRST and then down to my Yamaha so I only have to adjust ONE control on the mixer instead of 3.

Thanks! :)