VMP - VBAN instruction in Macros not working

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VMP - VBAN instruction in Macros not working

Postby weeemrcb » Sat Aug 03, 2019 8:31 pm

I just uninstalled all my Voicemeeter Banana and virtual cables and installed the latest version ov Voicemeeter Potato and new virtual cables (with reboots inbetween)

Voicemeeter: v3.0.0.8
VBCABLE_Pack43 (+A+B)

It all went fairly well - a lot of adjusting to account for the fresh setup and I've amended all my macros to allow for the extra inputs and outputs and the only issue I ran into that I couldn't get past was with macros for VBAN.

I have a "master" macro which resets all my settings to my default setting on load-up + with a pushbutton command if I need to reset at anytime.
It's all good, but in the macro where I set/reset my VBAN it doesn't seem to work at all with the new Voicemeeter.


Code: Select all


It doesn't disable or enable the VBAN channels and if there are other macro commands before or after (e.g. bus(0).Gain=-20), these don't get triggered either.

All other macro commands seem to work fine. It's just the vban one's that seem to be reluctant


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