Feature questions/requests (VM Potato)

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Feature questions/requests (VM Potato)

Post by jack »

Some of these might exist so this is a "can this be done and if not would you consider it as a future update"

Before we start, it's worth saying that I'm really enjoying Voicemeeter and it's really been useful.

[*] Is there a way to get system wide balance control? (ie balance on the outputs)
[*] Ability to invert phase on one channel at a time would be neat
[*] Collapsible inputs - would love to be able to click a little [>] symbol next to each input to collapse it
[*] How to adjust audio volume for more than 4 apps on a virtual input? My captured audio that shows up on Voicemeter VAIO only shows 4 apps, sometimes I'd like to mute or control the volume of the 5th or 6th app, could that list be an 'invisible scroll' area (ie no ui scroller, but would respond to the mouse wheel) so I can get to all apps?
[*] Ability to invert phase on one channel at a time would be neat
[*] VST plugin support - I've looked in the manual and saw something about routing to a plugin host, but I didn't understand it.
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Re: Feature questions/requests (VM Potato)

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1- there is no balance on the outputs.
2- there is no phase reverse.
3- GUI is fixed size designed.
4- Voicemeeter virtual input dispay the 4 first app connected on... other will have to be managed by the Windows Volume Mixer.
5- to use VST we recommend to use a VST HOST connected to Voicemeeter Virtual ASIO insert: https://youtu.be/pDi0Tn2QxXE
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