When My Potato Challenge Code can change ?

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When My Potato Challenge Code can change ?

Postby Vincent Burel » Mon Nov 04, 2019 12:11 pm

Voicemeeter Potato License is given for a single PC only by a Challenge/Response code.
The Challenge Code, given by the application, is expected to be different on each computer.
(Challenge code is pending on your CPU and in some cases on Windows or Voicemeeter installation).

The Challenge code is not expected to change on your computer (even after a Windows update or Windows Re-installation)
but if it happens, first retry your previous response code anyway that you can find in your webshop account account "My License" page.

This licensing has been designed as an alternative to SAAS model, simpler and cheaper for everyone, it is pending on PC hardware / Installation process only. Instead of obliging you to stay connected to internet to pay every month, our activation code stays valid until you decide to change your PC. And with our donationware model, you can select the smallest price to renew your license.

If you update your windows operating system or your Voicemeeter version, the Challenge code is expected to stay the same.
But If the challenge code is changed, you may first try the previous working Response code,
otherwise you may use your REGEN option or simply renew your license to get a new Response code.

REM: Voicemeeter Version / / bring some correction in the Challenge code generation and consequently can generate a new Challenge code. The x64 version obliged us to modify the Challenge code generation procedure and may require another Response code (that will also work with 32 bits version). the previous Response code should however still work on 32 bit version.

Vincent Burel
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Posts: 1261
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If Potato Challenge Code is still changing

Postby Vincent Burel » Fri Mar 20, 2020 11:42 am

If the Challenge code is changing anyway, we can study your problem if you send to us your Voicemeeter_ActivationLog.dat located in the folder "My Documents \ Voicemeeter" (voicemeeter Potato version needed).

This is also possible to compile all your activation history in a single log file if you save it before re-installing windows and restore it after:
1- before re-installing windows: store the file Voicemeeter_ActivationLog.dat (which is in "My Documents \ Voicemeeter" folder) in external disk.
2- After re-installing Windows: recreate the folder "Voicemeeter" in "My Documents" directory and copy the previously stored Voicemeeter_ActivationLog.dat in...
3- install Voicemeeter Potato again.

To let us analyze why the Challenge Code could change without reason, send to us the Voicemeeter_ActivationLog.dat file by e-mail

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