Voicemeeter Pro Preferred Main SampleRate

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Voicemeeter Pro Preferred Main SampleRate

Postby terrybritton » Sun Oct 26, 2014 7:09 am


If I have changed all my devices to 48000, and my Internal SR in all three CABLE control panels also to 48000 (referring to the VBCABLE_Control_Panel for the VBCABLE Virtual Cable its extraction/installation folder and the two for VAIO and VBVAUX in Voicemeeter's Program folder) then I imagine the Voicemeeter Pro "Preferred Main SampleRate" setting should also be at 48000, but I am not sure of that, or under what situations I might preferably set it to a different value. Could you clarify that point for me please?



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Re: Voicemeeter Pro Preferred Main SampleRate

Postby Vincent Burel » Sun Oct 26, 2014 8:11 am

Setting every audio point in the same samplerate will surely increase audio quality since SRC won't be needed (SRC = sample rate converter).
Anyway Voicemeeter (and VB-CABLE) are able to deal with different samplerate without any problem.

The Voicemeeter Preferred Sample Rate is the one used to open the device. But the device can say 'no' and proposes another samplerate (pending on device type and configuration) In this case Voicemeeter will open the device with preferred sample rate given by the device - So if all your device are set to 48 kHz, normally Voicemeeter should open Main output Devicec (A1) in 48 kHz too.

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