ASIO4ALL in certain sitiations needed?

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Re: ASIO4ALL in certain sitiations needed?

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I'm trying to follow along and I think I'm getting confused myself on where its coming in and what you're trying to connect to.

First of all, if you are using Potato, you HAVE to use the Potato Insert if you are trying to modify or pass through sound before it gets into Voicemeeter. The idea that I'm understanding what the person is doing is they are using ASIO4ALL to force the DAW to connect in a primary interception, and THEN pass the sound into the AUX Virtual Audio Cable.

As a community member, I am unsure where I can even begin as I don't use a DAW, but while I currently understand how the patch insert works, the only question is did you enable the patch insert itself? What I mean is if you go to Menu -> System Settings in Voicemeeter, did you enable the pre-fader inputs according to where the routing is supposed to take place? The blueish light needs to be on as opposed to being transparent.
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Re: ASIO4ALL in certain sitiations needed?

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adrian142 wrote:Why do I hear nothing on VAIO3-VAIO8?
Shouldn't I?
That is a misconception. You are confusing the drivers/busses with channels.
We have VAIO, Aux VAIO and VAIO3.
And that is it.
Read this:
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