Unexpected behaviour OBS -> VAC -> MS Teams

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Unexpected behaviour OBS -> VAC -> MS Teams

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We're trialing Virtual Audio Cable as a means of carrying audio from media in OBS to Teams meetings.

The software works as intended but when it's in the mix we encounter some puzzling behaviour:

When the virtual cable is selected as the audio input in the Teams meeting, an attendee can cause the host's video to glitch by maximising their (attendee) teams window - the video goes green and kind of de-interlaces.

Just to emphasise it affects the source on a completely separate machine over the network, not just the received image. Everyone in the meeting sees the corrupted image. The host has to stop and restart virtual camera.

Machines have been restarted but the issue persists. We do not encounter this problem with any other mic source.

Can you recommend anything to try?

Vincent Burel
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Re: Unexpected behaviour OBS -> VAC -> MS Teams

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this is completely unexpected problem, never heard about this before.

Usually this kind of behavior is due to a mess in the audio stack or general driver stack (video driver can disturb audio in some cases) or a conflict in audio device, for example if an application try to access to an audio device used in exclusive mode by another app. You may try the DriverChecker:

for more help, you may post a screenshot of your VBCABLE_ControlPanel
otherwise I recommend to try Voicemeeter Banana instead, more dedicated to route and mix several applications and several audio points.
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