Reduce delay for Cable A+B

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Reduce delay for Cable A+B

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I had bought VB-Cable A+B to fulfill a requirement with real-time audio transfer from one application to another.
From the Systemsetting.pdf, I noticed there are two parameters(Internal SR and Latency). My purpose is to reduce the delay/lag between two audio application as minimal as possible. What should I do.
Attachment is my application info, with more as below:
1. The actual input and output sample rate are all 8K, but as I only have 48K Internal SR choice, I use 48K as input and output SR. I guess application side resample would cause delay.
2. The max buffer size applications use is 256 , so I set max latency as 1536(3*512)
Here is my question,
I still feel a little lag between two applications, is my VB-Cable setting right? Is there any optimization I could do?
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Re: Reduce delay for Cable A+B

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the latency is also pending on the both connected applications.
the Player sample buffer size =PS
the Recorder sample Buffer Size =RS

if the internal SR is the same for all application too,
your VB-CABLE internal latency should be >= 3x (MAX (PS,RS))
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