Cables Quality

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Cables Quality

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I use VB Hi-Fi Virtual Audio Cable ) qality super ) this cable me very like )
But this cable not support resampling and if frequency different on in and on out - this cable simly not work )

I known what there is VB Audio Cable , also I known what there is VB Audio Banana , but the measured technical spec are not as good as the HIFI Cable.

is it normal?
Vincent Burel
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Re: Cables Quality

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yes, the VB-CABLE is -114 dB SNR due to the SRC capabilities
While the HIFI-CABLE is better with nearly -140 dB SNR (but without SRC capabilities).

in all cases, this is better than CD quality and largely enough for most of usage,
Rem: our virtual ASIO interface are better too (because without SRC).
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