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Infinite Audio Loop - Twitch Streaming w/ Audition

Posted: Tue Nov 04, 2014 10:14 am
by Jarrod
I am attempting to run my microphone through Adobe Audacity in order improve the quality of my microphone. The issue i'm facing is that once i set the VB cable as an output device and choose the VB output as my "microphone" in OBS (A streaming/Recording Software) it tends to not pick up any sound at all, however once the setup with my microphone worked, the audio i had playing through my headset started to loop constantly, until i muted the source of the noise.

In case i haven't been very specific, i was essentially trying to copy this Tutorial listed on the VB-Cable website, the only difference being that it would be sent to a live streaming application. ... 7prAr_bNYs

I'm pretty sure the cause of this problem is either due to my lack of knowledge of this product, or just stupidity.
Either way thank you for your help!

Re: Infinite Audio Loop - Twitch Streaming w/ Audition

Posted: Tue Nov 04, 2014 10:42 am
by Vincent Burel
first of all, VB-CABLE is just a cable to connect 2x applications together (typically one playing to one recording it).
So connecting a microphone (wich is a physical device) to an application is not really the regular case for VB-CABLE.
And basically if you want to connect your MIC, and mix it with your music to send all this to Adobe Audition or Skype or whatever
you should consider using Voicemeeter instead.

To reply to your question, you can have a feed back loop if your application is sending audio to the VB-CABLE input again...
you can check different options to understand the routing that produces this:
- what playback device your audio application is using ?
- What recording device your application is using ?
- is the VB-CABLE input declared as default audio device ?
- do you use Windows Listen Option ?

Hope it helps...