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Right App for Audio Mux to ASIO Monitors

Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2020 10:43 pm
by ric982
I'm sorry to ask this, but after trying to look through videos and other documentation, I'm still unsure about whether one of your products will do what I'm trying to do so....

So I have a Steinberg UR824 audio interface (AI) to a 2.0 monitoring setup. Running Pro Tools (not Ultimate yet) on Windows 10. Protools is accessing my AI through ASIO and I can control all 8 inputs/outputs on the product with routing through Pro Tools I/O configuration. I also have Steinberg's UR824 Window's driver installed and set as my default device. Unfortunately the Steinberg WIndows 10 WDM driver only allows you to select 2 channel 24 bit format. But I am able to direct all stereo computer audio (system sounds, itunes, spotify, WMP, etc) to my monitors through this interface. Occasionally Pro Tools gets locked out of the audio by some other program and I have to reboot. Generally this is not a problem, and when it is, I am generally either using Pro Tools with audio or some other app with audio. With Pro Tools, I have the UR824 as the Pro Tools external clock and my sessions generally are 24 bit/48K.

I've been planning on hooking up a 7.1 monitoring configuration on the UR824. Protools can control all 8 outputs so technically, I could do a 7.1 mix in Protools - but you need Protools Ultimate to take advantage of their multi-channel support and any multi-channel plugins. However, before I pop for PT Ultimate, I want to ensure that I'm able to stream multi-channel through Windows 10. So right now, I've got Netflix up and running which has 5.1 content and also Spotify which has some multi-track content. I'm assuming windows is down-converting any multi-channel to 2-channel when I play it. I'm hoping I can use one of your products to get around Steinberg's driver limitations so I can stream 5.1 to my monitors.

It looks like ASIO bridge should do this. I was thinking of using one Input/Output pair for protools and use a second input for my default Windows device so that I can share the ASIO/UR824/monitors in multi-channel (>2) mode. Does this sound like it would work? I was also looking at JRiver as a media manager. It also has a virtual inputs and a 'physical' output. Do you think I could use JRiver's virtual input my default audio device and feed its output into the ASIO bridge input. The flows I'm expecting would look like this:

Players/Streamers/System Sounds -> JRiver (7.1, 5.1, 2.0) -> ASIO Bridge In 1..| ASIO Bridge | -> ASIO -> UR824 -> Monitors
......................................Protools I/O (7.1, 5.1, 2.0) -> ASIO Bridge I/O 2|

Does this sound like it would work? I'm assuming that ASIO bridge is acting like a Y cable and it would pass both inputs to the ASIO driver input. Is this correct? Another permutation would be to let Pro Tools use ASIO directly and just configure the top line shown above which might avoid issues with buffering in ASIO Bridge not playing well with Pro Tools. If I go this way, perhaps I just need a VB Cable?

Re: Right App for Audio Mux to ASIO Monitors

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2020 2:46 pm
by ric982
I guess I'm finding out that JRiver will talk to ASIO directly and it provides a WDM interface, so I probably don't need anything between it and the ASIO driver to implement what I showed in the "top line" of my flow. And it appears it can 'co-exist' with Pro Tools if you do the installations in the correct order. Still haven't gotten any answers on why the UR824 WDM doesn't allow 5.1, but that's not a VB Audio issue. I'll keep pursuing this with the other parties for now. If you have any other info on this topic, I'd be interested.

Re: Right App for Audio Mux to ASIO Monitors

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2020 5:30 pm
by ric982
OK so I'm back. JRiver and Pro Tools both want to own the ASIO Interface.

And I've looked some more at your products. I think it will be easier if I start a separate thread to ask a more specific thread. So I'll stop here on this one.