Request about messy VAIO names

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Re: Request about messy VAIO names

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Hi Vincent,

I've been thinking again about this argument for not changing Vaio names, you said :
Vincent Burel wrote: Mon Aug 31, 2020 7:58 am If today it appears more consistent to have simple name like VAIO-1, 2, 3... we cannot change it because we cannot evaluate the amount of mail support it could generate. Changing driver name will ask to users to remake the audio device assignation in different applications to connect them to the right device pin...
As I see VB-audio, it does not "update" itself. So the only way you would have to "remake the audio device assignation" is IF you reinstalls the software. And if you reinstall, then you have to remake assignements anyway. But I can be wrong :)

Remaking the assignements with clear names would be really easy to anyone, from newbies to experts. Most of time lost, on my side - and for the ones I recommand Potato -, is by re-understanding that B1 is "Vaio", B2 is "Vaio Aux" and B3 is "Vaio 3".

I hope you'll change your mind someday (for the sake of turorials) :). I love my potato :mrgreen: . It allows me to stream on twitch with mics, VLC, Discord, Mumble, Emulators, OBS monitoring and my Régie (Unity) all mixed together, sending back selective sources to selective softwares/hardware. So again : congratulations for this wonderful software that unleashes creativity.

By the way, I recently updated to and I'm happy to see you removed the http link at the middle top of the window, really cool. I add that Potato crashes frequently now, but it may be because of Windows 10 20H2 so I won't incriminate Potato for that :D
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Re: Request about messy VAIO names

Post by Nirgali42 »

Since this thread was hi-jacked for the issue with the broken audio driver stack, I will report my solution here. After months of dealing with the cable and voicemeeter driver problems where the names got crossed with other devices on windows 10, I finally found a solution. The problem happens when you uninstall and reinstall vb-audio cable and voicemeeter multiple times for whatever reason. This corrupts the drivers in the windows registry and cross-wires the various audio devices with the wrong friendly name. That may not make sense to you, but trust me, it's complicated. Just nod and say okay. vb-audio cable and voicemeeter are the first products I've seen do this to the audio stack. Maybe something with latest windows 10 triggers an otherwise harmless bug in the installer. Anyway, here are the steps for solving the issue you see in the device manager screenshots in the middle of the first page of this thread.

1 - Uninstall/Remove all audio cables and voicemeeter.

2- Show hidden devices in the device manager and remove all of the vb-audio devices and any other audio devices you are certain are not in use and grayed out.

3 - Research, download, and run Device Cleanup Tool as admin and remove all of the vb-audio devices and the others you are certain are not in use. It has last active time to help you decide. Note, I recommend keeping your other audio drives handy just in case you need to reinstall them.

4 - Optionally research PnPUtil.exe ... kages.html and remove the vb* driver packages from windows.

5 - Advanced users: At this point you should be free of "vb-audio" references except where other third party applications have made references to the devices, like recording/editing/production software, which can be ignored (You will have to select the correct audio devices in those apps later). Run registry editor to make sure by searching for "vb-audio" and ONLY remove things if you are an advanced user and know exactly what you are doing. Always make system restore points and export your registry into a .reg file so you can restore things you accidentally delete, by copy-pasting the deleted into a new .reg file and reimporting it. Anyway I did this step, so I don't know how much of an impact it had on the real solution. Try this as a last resort maybe if you have to do these steps again.

6 - Reboot and make sure your audio devices are working properly. Reinstall drivers as needed. Move usb cables to different ports if needed.

7 - Reinstall voicemeeter and audio cables one at a time with reboots if you want to play it safe. If you're watching the device manager while installing these, you might notice the icons are wrong again but the names should be correct and none missing. This should clear up after the reboot. It did for me.

8- Optionally, as a veteran admin I was comfortable going through the tron script cleanup process suggested by a twitter user, manually cherry picking a few things. I doubt it had an impact on this process but your mileage may vary.

Note: I ended up having to reinstall my mackie profx v3 usb mixer drivers after I was done installing the vb-audio products because one input disappeared during the vb-audio installations. I had to first remove the profx devices in step 2 and 3 again. I imagine there is still some registry badness going on with the audio stack, but everything is working now so I don't want to tempt fate. The only way to be 100% certain is to start with a fresh copy of the OS.
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Re: Request about messy VAIO names

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yes , there is a problem on audio driver re-installation procedure in Windows. Microsoft guy are working as far as know...

well, after step 7, you should have voicemeeter VAIO and VB-CABEL installed correctly (with right icon and pin name).

we recommand to REBOOT after each installation (after Voicemeeter installation, after VB-CABLE installattion etc...) and check on each step that the icon and pin name are correct. otherwise you may de-install + reboot and retry...
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Re: Request about messy VAIO names

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Well it was fun while it lasted. Windows 10 forced its 20H2 update and it broke VoiceMeeter. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling every item (VM/VB components & headphones) by themselves (multiple tries) and no matter what the audio sounds like listening to a speaker on the other side of a spinning fan. I'll just wait until I set up a fresh new PC before I can make this work.
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Re: Request about messy VAIO names

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you may follow recommendation on this topic:
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