Audio stuttering after Windows 10 update

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Re: Audio stuttering after Windows 10 update

Post by Andres »

Hi. Could you please try to test your setup by selecting the KS option of VB-Cable from the A2 Hardware Output selection list?

You can always test by selecting the MME option of the VB-Cable (it uses a buffer size of 1024 samples compared to the 512 samples of WDM and KS)

Please let us know if you need further assistance.
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Re: Audio stuttering after Windows 10 update

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Well, it took me almost 3 months to get around to testing this, but I think it's working now.

Though oddly enough, It wasn't setting A2 to KS or MME, but it was setting A1. Even though A1 is my microphone output, when that was set to WDM the audio I heard out of A2 was choppy. But setting A1 to KS or MME made the headset output clear.

I also tested with Audacity to test recording and when A1 was WDM the audio was clippy/choppy but when A1 was KS or MME the recording was fine.

I'll try to test in a normal Zoom or Discord call when I can for podcast recording, but preliminary testing has this as the solution.

I'm not sure what WDM, KS, or MME is, nor what the differences in them are. Is there one that should be used over the other?

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