Unexpected Behavior with Volume Control

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Unexpected Behavior with Volume Control

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I downloaded the VB-CABLE Virtual Audio Device and Voicemeeter programs. I would like to report the problems I encountered. And the problem occurred even when not using VB-CABLE and/or Voicemeeter.

1) After installing, it caused an unexpected behavior when changing volume in an application.
Please see attached GIF files for both normal and unexpected situations.

The individual volume setting for each application is affected when changing volume in the problem while it shouldn't be affected.
I ran the system file check and somehow it solved the problem.

However, I encountered this problem again when using bluetooth headset. This time I could not get it solved by the system file check even in safe-mode restart.

Normal Behavior

Unexpected Behavior

How could this be fixed?

Thank you very much!!!
I would really appreciate.

Best Regards.
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