VB Cable Upgrade?

VB-Cable A & B, HIFI-Cable, ASIO Bridge
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VB Cable Upgrade?

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A while back I donated for VB-Cable A+B and recently donated for C+D, the new download seems to be an upgrade with control panels installed on the Win10 Start menu and a better install process.
I checked on C+D and it says, checking on A+B seems to be v1.0.3.5 - but I can see no way of checking whether it's the latest version or whether there is an upgrade available?
Anyone shed any light on this?
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Re: VB Cable Upgrade?

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not yet, the VB-CABLE C+D have been done in the same dev-cycle than the Voicemeeter VAIO's update (for Voicemeeter Potato in 2019).
but we have not updated all our virtual audio driver because our process has been interrupted by different Microsoft problems:
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