WASAPI versus VB Audio Cable

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WASAPI versus VB Audio Cable

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Using Audacity to record streaming audio in as high quality as possible, are there any advantages, or disadvantages, to using VB-Audio Hi-Fi Cable over WASAPI? I understand, correctly or otherwise, that using WASAPI bypasses the sound card on my laptop, so presumably this is ideal. thanks.
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Re: WASAPI versus VB Audio Cable

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in fact WASAPI is bypassing ksMixer only if used in Exclusive mode... and usually audio recorder application are using recording device in share mode... and even in excvlusive mode i cannot say if there is a real difference compared to KS, MME, DX... in fact you might check only the samplerate of your chain... because it is sure you will get the best quality if using the same samplerate on all the chain; from the player to the recorder...
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