VB Cable not working

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VB Cable not working

Post by RichardG062 »

I have VB Cable installed on my PC and up to now it has been working well. However I have recently completed a Windows 10 update v1803 and VB Cable is now not working. I have looked at the various sound setting and everything appears to be OK with the status saying this device is working correctly with most recent driver installed. I have tried uninstalling (restarting PC) and then re installing (again restarting PC) but again no sound when |I select VB Cable.

Anyone else have this issue after a Win 10 update? and if so, the solution to fix the problem.

Thank Youi

Richard G
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Re: VB Cable not working

Post by Vincent Burel »

you may check all Windows parameters related to the VB-CABLE
- in the Sound Dialog Box / advanced -> Mute / Gain
- in the volume mixer.
- in the privacy settings related to microphone / camera too...
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