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ASIOBridge Hi- Fi Cable Bit Perfect Bit Rates, Sample Rates & Latency

Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2019 8:56 pm
by Ient
Hi Vincent Burel.

These're my Asiobridge statistics when playing a song using *my DAC( " Schiit Modi Uber" ) ,




i. Based on I. , what're the bit perfect settings for my

1. ASIO Control Panel's-

1.i. Bit Depth, it's 16, 24 & 32 bits options only?
1.ii. Latency?

2. In Control Panel-> Hardware and Sound, " Schiit Modi Uber"'s " Speakers Properties"' bit & Hz/ should I only configure " Hi- Fi Cable Input" ?

ii. Based on II. , am I correct optimal Asiobridge Hi- Fi Max Latency= 1,536smp ?

Thx very much.

Re: ASIOBridge Hi- Fi Cable Bit Perfect Bit Rates, Sample Rates & Latency

Posted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 4:10 am
by Ient
Referring to I. , in the manual ... ttings.pdf under Finding Best Latency: it says

" This basic formula is working also for Hi-Fi Cable. "

but it didn't say whether " max buffer size" includes both input & output, in following section it shows a similar situation to mine where input & output is different, but didn't say if it applies to ASIOBridge, in ASIOBridge statistics mid & right column= input & output respectively? , no label? , is it ok for bit perfect audio to put highest max latency, 32768 smp for convenience, as I think the correct max latency's lesser? , I also want your opinion/ facts on bit perfect audio best config for both bit rates & sample rates including control panel's, eg is using higher's no effect/ must exactly same, you didn't say, all above unclear, please answer first post questions only & all these questions'll mostly answered.

If all in this literally page's explained in another manual please tell me.

If for my questions you don't care & don't wanna answer, please easily only say *z.