Digital-Analog Conversion of audio signal using VB-Cable?

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Digital-Analog Conversion of audio signal using VB-Cable?

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Hi there,

i'm new to the field of audio processing - so i appologize in advance if there are some terms i may use wrong or do not understand correctly.

I want to record some audio source (already available in digital form) using Audacity while preservering the original quality of the source. Until now only knew the possibilty to capture the output of the soundcard, which of course involves digital-to-analog conversion followed by analog-to-digital conversion and thus leads to a loss in quality.

I now wanted to know if there is a similar conversion done using the VB-Cable driver - or if the audio source is kept in the "digital realm" for the entire process chain.
I'm thinking of something like this:

Audio Source ------> VB-Cable Input -----> VB-Cable Ouput ---> Audacity ---> Save as lossless audio file

Does the audio file at the end of the process chain look like the audio source?

Thanks in advance for your help
Vincent Burel
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Re: Digital-Analog Conversion of audio signal using VB-Cable?

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VB-CABLE includes an SRC (Sample rate Converter) to manage different samplerate on its I/O
it allows using the VB-Cable in any cases without having to configure something.

if the VB-CABLE control panel shows that input samplerate is the same than internal samplerate and output samplerate,
then there is no SRC processing and the sound integrity is maximal (with a resilution of 19bit max if i remember well) .

if you need a bit perfect signal transport (with a 24 bits resolution), we did the HIFI-Cable.
It does not include a SRC, so it obliges you to check that player and recorder are working in the same samplerate
but the signal transport integrity is really perfect

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