VB VAIO and VBVAUX CABLE control panels exhibit no output

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VB VAIO and VBVAUX CABLE control panels exhibit no output

Postby terrybritton » Sun Oct 26, 2014 6:49 am

I have noticed that with the two VBCable control panels included with Voicemeeter Pro/Voicemeeter that there is no output evident unless I have the Recording Devices tab open (a fact I discovered by accident!)

Is that normal?

This is true even though I do have signal passing through Voicemeeter to an output device.

(Speaking of VBVMAUX_ControlPanel.exe and VBCABLE_ControlPanel.exe (the latter which, incidentally, I've renamed as VBVAIOCABLE_ControPanel.exe so I could run it concurrently with the regular VBCABLE control panel which has the same name).

Selecting the Playback Devices tab or closing the Audio control panel stops the output monitoring. I suspect this is because only with the Recording Devices control panel open are there meters monitoring the output levels, giving it an output. But why the A1 Hardware Out or B1 or B2 are not seen as outputs is unclear to me.

This is not true with the regular VBCABLE_Control_Panel.exe running with a virtual cable passing into Voicemeeter, but I imagine that is because Voicemeeter is a genuine output.


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Re: VB VAIO and VBVAUX CABLE control panels exhibit no output

Postby Vincent Burel » Sun Oct 26, 2014 12:10 pm

Audio device does not work if audio points are not connected.
Without having connecting an application to VB-Cable Audio Point, the I/O point can have no configuration setting.
When running Control Panel / Sound dialog box, playback thumbnail connects input points while Recording thumbnail connects output points.

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