Remote Control - A few 'creative' uses of play function.

How to use Voicemeeter Remote API and control Voicemeeter Audio Engine
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Remote Control - A few 'creative' uses of play function.

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Hello VoiceMeeter Forum / Vince!!!

First of all, congratulations for the product - it is GREAT! And I am configuring to help me in my ham radio operations.

Guys, I am trying to sort out how to do two functions:

1. Playing two audio files. Like:

Well, by trying this snippet, all I get is the good-morning.mp3 to be played. Is it possible to play two files, sequentially? IF it is, what am I missing?

2. Set a 2-position button, where will play a audio file, pause for a few seconds, and play again, indefinitely, until I de-press it. So play; pause; repeat. (in ham lingo: CQ calls)
Is it possible?
If it is not, I have a variant; record the audio, have the pause (well, here it would be a silence) in the audio file and play this file in a loop, would that be feasible?

3. Is it possible to mute some input when recording in the tape drive? I have found that when I record it overrides the channel mute.

Thank you very much!!!!
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