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VBAN Stream on internet

Postby Vincent Burel » Tue Oct 03, 2017 8:29 am

Even if not originally done for that, VBAN protocol can also be used on internet to transmit audio in high quality (PCM native), but it requires a fixed public IP address (at least fixed for the streaming time) and to configure your router.

You may know your public IP-Address and other information by numerous internet services:
Type “what is my ip” on Google (it will appear directly).

You may know your real internet speed rate (especially UPLOAD) to know what kind of VBAN Stream you can send (for example by this website: http://speedtest.att.com/speedtest/).

A PCM stream 24000Hz, 1 Channels, 10 bits requires 0.3 Mbps
A PCM stream 32000Hz, 2 Channels, 10 bits requires 0.7 Mbps
A PCM stream 44100Hz, 2 Channels, 16 bits requires 1.5 Mbps
A PCM stream 48000Hz, 2 Channels, 16 bits requires 1.6 Mbps
A PCM stream 48000Hz, 2 Channels, 24 bits requires 2.5 Mbps

On internet (& Wifi) reception, VBAN Network Quality parameter can be useful to keep a stable stream: set Net Quality to “slow” or “very slow” to increase the internal buffering on receptor side (outgoing stream can usually be sent with OPTIMAL network quality parameter).

They talk about this workflow (in french) on Radio-Actu forum:

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