VBAN sleep if receiver is unresponsive

VB-Audio Network Protocol and applications
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VBAN sleep if receiver is unresponsive

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VBAN outgoing currently just spits out UDP packets with no regard to an active receiver. I'd suggest an occasional UDP response from receiver back to transmitter or sleep the outgoing stream at certain time intervals to keep bandwidth back to transmitter low. This could be optional but I'd certainly like to see a VBAN outgoing sleep if the receiver doesn't respond every handful of minutes with a UDP confirmation packet. A configured Receiver should send this confirmation packet out regardless of an incoming stream to start the Transmitter back up again (wake from sleep).
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Re: VBAN sleep if receiver is unresponsive

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for the moment there is no "keepalive" protocol in VBAN . the VBAN stream is sent without aknowledgement. We note your requestanyway.
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