Rapid Overrun and Underrun alternating

VB-Audio Network Protocol and applications
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Rapid Overrun and Underrun alternating

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I have Vban Receptor on 2 Android Samsung J3 phones. I get over-run and under-run rapidly cycling errors back and forth. Even when sitting next to the router. Set to OPTIMAL or FAST both options do the same while beside the router. When I turn off wifi then reboot the phone it gets better for a while after restarting the wifi next to the router.

Are these phone known to have issues with VBan Receptor?
Does that indicate a more underlying issue with the network? (What type of problems cause that sort of issue?)

An iPhone 7 and an iPad iOS14 both work fine.

Thanks in advance.
Vincent Burel
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Re: Rapid Overrun and Underrun alternating

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we need to update Android version anyway.
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