Nothing working well yet - dedicated router best practices ?

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Nothing working well yet - dedicated router best practices ?

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I've been at this for several days now with many different apps. My use case is to avoid lock down restrictions and inability to get sound permits by having people use their right to peacefully assemble and just use their own phones and headphones for electronic music concerts.
My setup would be Laptop - Ableton - virtual output to Voicemeeter - Ethernet to wireless router (5ghz presumably) and people connect via phones with receptor lite.

So far the only thing that is stable enough is Voicemeeter direct to devices IP on iOS, tested with 2 phones.
Android drops out every other second. Broadcast drops out and essentially doesn't work at all.
VBAN spot to only 2 devices, same room as router, tons of dropouts. Would not be suitable for performance.

I can buy a dedicated router and just have everything open. LAN only no WAN. Could this be a solution and if so what are best practices config for VBAN ?

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Re: Nothing working well yet - dedicated router best practices ?

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1- WIFI AP does not like broadcast UDP address. if you use for example to send UDP to your entire local network, it will work for wired connections, but will totally disturb WIFI connections.
2- that's why we made the VBAN-SPOT (style prototype) to send up to 250x unicast streams... But it works more or less because WIFI AP are not really design to manage real time stream. And unfortunately we have not been able to find any information on WIFI AP regarding these parameters (real time , packet per second, connection number - so we are unable to qualify a WIFI AP).
3- However, until 8 unicast streams, your WIFI AP should work correct and your 8 mobile device should play correctly the stream (maybe you will have to change the Network Quality Parameters to SLOW on receptor side, if you get too much drop out).

PRE-REQUISITE: your voicemeeter output A1 device must run stable. You may check this device (used as monitoring) is running correct all the time (the VBAN stream will depends on).
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