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VBAN Network Losses

Posted: Sat Mar 20, 2021 9:51 pm
by MartyATS
Hi all,
I've been using Potato for several months and it's been generally wonderful, despite a few problems.

A new and serious issue just popped up that has me baffled (this used to work). Here's my setup-
I have two Win 10 PC's with an audio interface on only one. I pass audio between them in both directions using VBAN, which had been working well.
On the non-interfaced PC I have Bus A1 assigned to the HDMI output, which is not used.

Recently I'm getting lots of bit losses in just one direction that makes the audio unusable (towards the non-interfaced PC). The audio sounds garbled.
I've matched all the sampling rates, and experimented with buffers and other A1 assignments.

A Medium Net Quality on the receive side of VBAN resolves the problem but the latency is too high for my needs. Optimum quality works well in the other direction.
Both PC's are connected to the same unmanaged sub-switch in my network.

I do a lot of online work on this PC including conferencing, without any network issues.

Any ideas how to troubleshoot this? I'm suspecting a clocking issue between the two Potatos but I'm not certain.
Thank you

Re: VBAN Network Losses

Posted: Mon Mar 22, 2021 8:47 am
by Vincent Burel
first point to check is the output A1 device.
it must work stable and let you monitor any sound without any problem.

maybe the PC connected to unused HDMI output is not a good idea, you may try another device, (a physical one, the motherboard one if any).

Re: VBAN Network Losses

Posted: Thu Mar 25, 2021 7:31 am
by MartyATS
The PC does have a physical HDMI output port which I'm not using