Optimize VBAN Latency (< 2 Frames)

VB-Audio Network Protocol and applications
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Optimize VBAN Latency (< 2 Frames)

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Current VBAN stack design allows to expect 50ms latency max (< 2 Frames) on a real time stream.

To optimize latency for VBAN stream, you may

1- first use a buffering around 512 samples for the output A1 (= master Voicemeeter stream) - below 256 samples buffer size, this has no impact on VBAN since the current implementation of the VBAN stack is searching to build 256 sample paquet size anyway.

2- On the receptor side, you may set the Network Quality parameter to FAST or OPTIMAL (search the best value for a stable stream).

3- Check that outgoing VBAN streams are set in OPTIMAL Network Quality parameter (there is usually no reason to change this parameter).
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