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Streaming Audio from Mac to PC via VBAN?

Posted: Tue Aug 09, 2022 11:37 pm
by exigeous
I currently have Talkie working to receive audio from my Windows 11 PC but I can't get it to send audio to the PC - as the PC is where my speakers, etc. are connected. Am I thinking about this incorrectly and that's what I need receptor for? From the naming it doesn't seem like it and when I look in Talkie everything looks correct and in Banana on the PC I see a green light for the channel it's coming into - but I get nada.

I feel like I'm missing something basic - I have the physical output in Talkie set to my built-in device but again I never get anything from it. I saw a post from several years ago, late 2019, that this wasn't yet possible but I'm assuming that's before Talkie was released. To be clear I have this working from several Windows and even Android devices streaming to and from my Windows 11 PC so I'm 99% sure the issue isn't here, at least not with channels, etc.