[DEV] Integrating VBAN in hardware Audio Point

VB-Audio Network Protocol and applications
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[DEV] Integrating VBAN in hardware Audio Point

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The typical use of VBAN for hardware manufacturer is to send VBAN stream from a stage box or from a simple AD converter.

For example, let's consider an audio box providing 8 to 16 analog inputs / 8 - 16 AES EBU inputs.

Implementing VBAN in such box will need:
- Network adapter endowed with an IP address.
- FIFO Stack + UDP Stack

- Main samplerate (given by internal clock or AES/EBU),
- Stream Name can be user defined or optional = manufacturer name or product name (IP from can be enough to identify a stream).
- IP-Address to send the VBAN stream (user defined)

Other parameters of the VBAN stream can be fixed:
example for 8 channels / 24 bit, we can consider 48 samples per packet.

- Push incoming audio in your FIFO stack (for the 8 or 16 channels)
- When 48 samples are ready in FIFO, build VBAN packet with current parameters and send it to UDP stack.

End of algorithm.
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