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VBAN-Spot (Broadcast audio stream on WLAN)

Posted: Sat Apr 22, 2017 11:10 am
by Vincent Burel
VBAN-Spot is an application to broadcast an audio stream to every connected device on your local network (LAN or WLAN). From any recording device point, VBAN Spot will automatically send an unicast VBAN stream to all connected VBAN Receptor (PC, iOS, Android, Linux).

Dedicated to WLAN environment, VBAN-Spot allows turning WIFI AP into a radio antenna to diffuse a CD-Quality Audio Stream to any connected mobile device (up to 250). For Silent party, conference or show demo in noisy environment, or for personal audio reinforcement. VBAN-Spot can be useful in numerous situations needing to turn all mobile devices in wireless headphone.
VBANSpotConnectionDiagram.gif (79.9 KiB) Viewed 13620 times
VBAN-SPOT Application is a simple server application getting audio stream from any audio sources like recording device, or virtual cable, Voicemeeter virtual output... and send unicast stream to all detected connected device (detection by PING). On the top left a VU-Meter show the level of incoming audio. On the top Right it displays the current number of connected device and total bit rate sent to the network.
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you can download VBAN-Spot on our VBAN web page (go down below VBAN-Receptor section):