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VBAN Receptor gets underrun error (robotic voice)

Posted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 4:51 am
by Vincent Burel
VBAN Receptor is expected to work 100% on local network (LAN or WLAN) but we have noted a possible problem coming from mobile device type and O/S version. The most common problem is shown by more or less frequent underrun error (red led) and/or a robotic sound or frequent cut in the sound.

in most of the cases, underrun error means a limitation problem on your network... or because bad connection (to far from WIFI point) or because a firewall or rate limitation on transmitter side (firewall, network limitation). The effect on the sound is "frequent cut", it means you hear a word or a musical frame correctly, and silence frame and again 500ms correct etc... in this case, check your network options and infra structure.

if the Sound is robotic (static) all the time, with underrun error permanently displayed, it could mean the audio of your device does not run at the right speed... so we recommend to contat us with the name of your mobile device and O/S version, to let us correct the problem.