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VBAN Spot and VBAN Receptor

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2019 11:43 pm
by fietsch
Hi there,

well there are some issues while receiving the stream via VBAN spot. Here's, what I'm doing:
- VLC or DAW is playing a song
- passing the RME UFX II card and mixer (channel 9+10)
- coming in in VBAN spot, here's the first issue: the input level seems to be really low. I choosed the KS, but it also works with MME:
- the input level can't be ajusted in VBAN spot
- the input level is low and the mixer of the RME seems to have no influence at all
- the stream name can't be changed
- it's shown ,that there are 3 connects, but I've only one receiver (android app Moto G4)
- the receiver doesn't show any input level
- the receiver sometimes shows an overrun
- there is the sound of the VLC, but is like a very, very quiet, distorted old radio with more noise than signal, even with gain at 12

- the connections seems to work in a technical way (stream is recordnized by receiver, spot sends the right signal from VLC or DAW)
- the audio levels are not corresponding in any way to the sending level from VLC or DAW
- there is nearly no incoming signal, that is so destroyed and quiet, that you hardly can identify, what's playing: but thats the correct song

any ideas?
Thanks in advance

Re: VBAN Spot and VBAN Receptor

Posted: Fri Feb 15, 2019 6:53 pm
by fietsch
Nobody any idea, why it's quiet and distorted?

Re: VBAN Spot and VBAN Receptor

Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2019 10:03 am
by Vincent Burel
1- You may send audio from your VLC to VBAN-SPOT through a VB-CABLE or Voicemeeter
2- VBAN-Spot is still in prototype phase and is initially made to broadcast a Stream1 44.1 kHz 16bit Stereo only for VBAN-Receptor Lite.
3- VBAN-Receptor on mobile is working more or less well according many parameters:
- The device type/os version, the WIFI conditions (distance to access point and environment conditions),
- The router config - for example some iOS devices don't want to connected to WIFI AP wthout password or not connected to internet.
- Some dark WIFI parameters that no-one knows, to explain why it works in some cases and why it does not work in other cases.

As this thread is suggesting, VBAN-Spot is first a response to the inability of WIFI AP to broadcast UDP Stream:
https://networkengineering.stackexchang ... udp-stream

But there is apparently other problem with WIFI AP in their abilities to manage several device and send unicast UDP stream to it... this question is still opened... because we have good and bad experiences on this, but we cannot explain anything. I mean we cannot explain why it works well in some cases, and why it does not work in other cases...

Only user expericences will say in what exact conditions it will finally work ! :-)

Re: VBAN Spot and VBAN Receptor

Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2019 9:55 am
by fietsch
Hi Vincent,

thanks for your reply! Sadly it doesn't work.

- I did set the samplerate to 44.1
- Voicemeeter Banana installed, it receives iTunes audio, I can set the volume by the banana-mixer
- set VBAN on, activated stream output
- started receptor lite: no stream to select
- startet receptor full: no stream to select
- started VB Spot
- VB Spot receives the audio well (level meter green up to yellow)
- no stream to select in both receivers

So that means, that there is now another mistake: in former "VB-Spot only", VB Spot did the sample rate conversion for me (RME input 48, VB Spot sending out in 44.1 kHz), there was a stream in the receptor full (Android), but the stream was much too quiet and distorted.

Now I put all in the recommended conditions (44.1, receptor lite), but now it doesn't receive any stream, sitting neary the WLAN router with full signal.

Thanks for your help!

With best regards

Re: VBAN Spot and VBAN Receptor

Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2019 8:25 am
by Vincent Burel
could you post a screenshot of the VBAN - spot in action ?

and did you make the test with Voicemeeter and VBAN unicast stream ?