VBAN question

VB-Audio Network Protocol and applications
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VBAN question

Post by jmcinvale »

I use VBAN with Voicemeeter Banana to send audio over my network.

VBAN settings are as follows.

IP address to
Port 6980
Sample rate 48000Hz
Ch 2
Format PCM 16 bits Net Quality optimal

The computer is connected via ethernet to my router/modem

I receive the audio on a Samsung Galaxy J1 phone using WI-FI and the paid version of VBAN Receptor.

It is set up as follows.

IP host address
VBAN Port 6980
Network Quality Very slow
Monitoring Synchro Delay 0
Audio Device 48000Hz
960 SMP

In order to get any audio of any real quality very slow must be selected even though I have a fast network and a good WI-FI signal to the phone.

I also cannot set the outgoing stream IP to otherwise the audio is worse.

It also doesn't matter what Net quality I have VBAN set at.

Often the Overload and Underrun indicators will flash.

Any idea what the problem might be?

Now on my laptop which also has Voicemeeter Banana I can receive the audio stream from perfectly even when the incoming stream on my laptop is set to optimal.

Now if I switch the computer sending the audio to WI-FI I get some errors on the receive computer (first and last red indicator lit occasionally) and the computer sending the audio is connected at 36 Mbps send and receive.

So is it perhaps a problem with my WI-FI?
Vincent Burel
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Re: VBAN question

Post by Vincent Burel »

we have some problem on some samsung devices. we are working on it.
check anyway you have the last version on google play store. is the broadcast address, it does not work on WIFI, the WIFI AP does not manage that.
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Re: VBAN question

Post by jmcinvale »

Oh ok.

So that is only for wired networks and for WI-FI I need to use the actual address of the receiving device, right?


Just updated the app and now I get no issues setting the network quality to fast.
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