Order of installations

VB-Cable A & B, HIFI-Cable, ASIO Bridge
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Order of installations

Postby terrybritton » Fri Oct 24, 2014 5:29 am

Say I want to install Voicemeeter Pro, ASIO Bridge/HiFi Virtual Cable, and one of the original VB-Audio Virtual Cables.

If I do so, then the VB-Audio Virtual Cable control panel seems to only control the Voicemeeter virtual input(s). It no longer displays "Virtual Cable Driver" at the top. I'm not certain it is working with the virtual cable at all.

Is there an optimal sequence to install these three items? (And how does adding the extra Virtual Cables A and B affect all this?)

I was trying to follow the directions for adjusting latency and got quite confused! (Especially since Voicemeeter has its own buffer settings - albeit not "Max latency" settings - in the Setting/Options dialog.)

I had set out to learn enough to make a video on it, but ended up just messing my own buffers up, and now the WDM buffers seem to set their own values - all higher than 512 - no matter what the A1 setting! Just a bit maddening, I'd say! :-)

Thanks for steering me in the right directions with these questions. I'm trying to get the best latency I can for a multi-keyboard setup controlling both their own synths and some virtual synths and pianos in the computer.
I have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 ASIO USB interface and a MIDI interface.


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Re: Order of installations

Postby Vincent Burel » Sat Oct 25, 2014 7:24 am


first of all, VB-CABLE's, ASIO Bridge and Voicemeeter are totally independent and there is no order sequence to respect to install or de-install them.

There is a VBCABLE_ControlPanel.exe for each Virtual Cable , the one located in VB/Voicemeeter directory is for the Voicemeeter Virtual I/O.
the confusing point is that VB-CABLE's have also in their package a VBCABLE_ControlPanel.exe program (with the same name) but you need to use the right ControlPanel program for each Virtual Device (VB-CABLE, HIFI-Cable and Voicemeeter VAIO).

in term of Latency, you may understand the difference between Voicemeeter Latency (related to physical audio device used by Voicemeeter) and its virtual I/O latency (latency of its own CABLE , it's own virtual audio I/O).

document about VB-CABLE latency:
http://vb-audio.pagesperso-orange.fr/Ca ... ttings.pdf


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Re: Order of installations

Postby terrybritton » Sun Oct 26, 2014 6:15 am


Ahh, thank you! Their having the same filename is what was definitely confusing me! :-)

Of course, I figured out that you need to open these running as an administrator in order to make changes stick. That should be mentioned somewhere if it is not already (I may have missed it!)

I have read this document on setting latency for the cables themselves. I have applied the formula provided when converting bit-depth and sample rate in the past, but have decided to go ahead and set everything to the same settings throughout my system so my cables and Voicemeeter all have the same settings so therefore no conversion is needed, for the optimal scenario.

I have no idea why my WDM buffers were having a mind of their own earlier, but since changing everything in my audio control panel Playback Devices and Recording Devices to 24-bit, 48000 it works correctly again. (I did have an old purchase of VAC Virtual Cable installed, but took that out in case it was interfering.)

Thanks for your help!


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