VBAN Spot and VBAN Receptor

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VBAN Spot and VBAN Receptor

Postby fietsch » Mon Feb 04, 2019 11:43 pm

Hi there,

well there are some issues while receiving the stream via VBAN spot. Here's, what I'm doing:
- VLC or DAW is playing a song
- passing the RME UFX II card and mixer (channel 9+10)
- coming in in VBAN spot, here's the first issue: the input level seems to be really low. I choosed the KS, but it also works with MME:
- the input level can't be ajusted in VBAN spot
- the input level is low and the mixer of the RME seems to have no influence at all
- the stream name can't be changed
- it's shown ,that there are 3 connects, but I've only one receiver (android app Moto G4)
- the receiver doesn't show any input level
- the receiver sometimes shows an overrun
- there is the sound of the VLC, but is like a very, very quiet, distorted old radio with more noise than signal, even with gain at 12

- the connections seems to work in a technical way (stream is recordnized by receiver, spot sends the right signal from VLC or DAW)
- the audio levels are not corresponding in any way to the sending level from VLC or DAW
- there is nearly no incoming signal, that is so destroyed and quiet, that you hardly can identify, what's playing: but thats the correct song

any ideas?
Thanks in advance

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Re: VBAN Spot and VBAN Receptor

Postby fietsch » Fri Feb 15, 2019 6:53 pm

Nobody any idea, why it's quiet and distorted?

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