Renaming Audio Devices

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Renaming Audio Devices

Postby mix-man » Sun Aug 25, 2019 6:21 pm

I know the devices are named for "historic purposes" as per a previous thread addressing this issue. However, I would like to rename the devices to something that make more sense to me. Is it possible to prevent Voicemeeter from renaming the devices that I manually change within the windows sound properties? It used to work this way but something recently changed and now the names are set back to Voicemeeter defaults every time windows restarts.

A few Examples:

In the recording properties it makes more sense to me to see

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VoiceMeeter B1  instead of  VoiceMeeter Output
VoiceMeeter B2  instead of  VoiceMeeter Aux Output
VoiceMeeter B3  instead of  VoiceMeeter VAIO3 Output

And in the playblack, I like to label what the devices are tied to... Example:

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VoiceMeeter Aux Input    would be  "Game Audio"
VoiceMeeter Input        would be  "Browser Audio"
VoiceMeeter VAIO3 Input  would be  "Media"

Or even fitting with the theme of the api:

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VoiceMeeter Strip6
VoiceMeeter Strip7
VoiceMeeter Strip8


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VoiceMeeter VAIO1
VoiceMeeter VAIO2
VoiceMeeter VAIO3

So you can see how this would make it easier to decipher the various inputs and outputs. As it stands right now I have to open up the Voicemeeter control panel to visually see what I have mapped to where. If I could just rename the devices without Voicemeeter renaming them back I could just go to what ever app I am using and select "Media", "Browser", "System", "Strip6", "VAIO1", or you know whatever I set it to. This way just seems to make more sense to me.

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Re: Renaming Audio Devices

Postby Vincent Burel » Mon Sep 09, 2019 9:02 pm

yes, we know, but with Windows 10 update, we have been obliged to reset the device pin name and icon to prevent to get unexpected and disturbing changes...

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