Student <-> Teacher streaming system?

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Student <-> Teacher streaming system?

Postby williemyers » Tue Sep 03, 2019 10:45 am

hi all! my first time here.
I'm a composer (with pretty limited tech knowledge) who's trying to help out a blind friend - - an excellent music (voice) teacher who wants to do "online" lessons - - but has virtually no tech knowledge. I *think* that the system that my friend would need would/could include some VB-Audio stuff, so I'm reaching out to you guys to see what you think? Here's the deal:

The Student: Most likely using an App on an iPhone or Android, a mic and an audio interface, the "Student" (probably sighted) needs to be able to stream at least two channels of audio to the Teacher (my blind friend). One channel would be the mono backing instrumental track that the Student would be singing to and the other channel would be the Student's live mic - - total of two channels. Even better would be three channels, allowing the backing track to be stereo, but not required. BTW, if you're thinking that this setup sounds a lot like a karaoke setup - -without the lyrics - - you're correct!

The Teacher: Now on the Teacher's end, he would probably be using a laptop or desktop system and would need to receive the stream and be able to "talkback" live to the student, to give directions/corrections.

So that's basically it. I have a feeling that a simple system like this probably does exist, but I haven't been able to find the software to do it. And I'm wondering if a combination of the VB-Audio stuff might do it? Do you think? It's important to remember that my friend, the Teacher will be using a screen reader (JAWS), so a really complicated setup on his end could be a problem. Also worth noting that I had reached out to the great folks at Technica Del Arte regarding their "LUCI" system(s). They were kind enough to explain why their system would not work, but they referred me to you guys!
So, thanks in advance for your thoughts/opinions, I'll be most anxious to hear what you think?

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Re: Student <-> Teacher streaming system?

Postby williemyers » Wed Sep 11, 2019 4:42 am

I'd like to bump this back up to the top and see if I can get any responses?

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Re: Student <-> Teacher streaming system?

Postby Vincent Burel » Wed Sep 11, 2019 7:47 am

there is many questions in your post.
technically speaking, this is certainely possible to use Voicemeeter to do that...

But the setup can be complicated, especially if you need to go on internet, especially if you need specific app or special GUI (Voicemeeter is not screen readable i'm afraid).

you may try to set it up first on a local network with a Voicemeeter for Student and a Voicemeeter Banana for the Teacher - and a bi-directional VBAN stream between.

I guess the technical workflow is
1- The Teacher is sending the audio track to Student (audio track and recommendation / correction by his microphone).
2- The Student sings on the audio track (incoming VBAN Stream)
3- MIC and Audio tracks are mixed to be sent back to the Teacher (Outgoing VBAN Stream).

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