Voicemeeter & Windows 10 sleepmode

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Voicemeeter & Windows 10 sleepmode

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I've recently purchased and installed Voicemeeter Banana on my Windows 10 system. Since this installation I've discovered that the computer does not go into sleep mode any more. The only way to accomplish this is to shut down VM Banana. Only then will the pc go into sleep mode after the set timeout. Disadvantage of this is once VM is shutdown all sounds are deactivated. The only way to have sounds and still have the pc going to sleep at the set time out is to do the following steps: 1) Shutdown VM; 2) Click on speaker icon in the system tray and open the dropdown list (see attached image below); then 3) Select your speakers and adjust the volume. This means that after you've done this and you need the audio mixer, you will have to start VM Banana manually and reselect Voicemeeter Input via the speaker icon in the system tray.
VM sounds.jpg
VM sounds.jpg (57.47 KiB) Viewed 8899 times
My questions on this are: 1) Is it indeed normal that the pc no longer goes into sleep mode once VM is running; 2) Is there a beter procedure than the one I use as outlined above?


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